October 2017 Lifter Memorial

This month USA Powerlifting – NY will be remembering ANGUS CHU. Angus was an NYC native who was taken from us much too soon.

Angus Chu was a 74kg powerlifter who proudly represented Murder of Crows Barbell Club, and was part of their upcoming 2017 Nationals team. Tragically, prior to his first Nationals appearance, his life was suddenly taken on the evening of Thursday, September 16th, when he was involved in a motorcycle accident.

We’d like to preserve his memory by posthumously honoring him as USAPL NY’s lifter of the month. Angus hailed from Flushing, Queens, and is survived by his older brother, Max, and his mother and father. His strength with the barbell was only preceded by his kindness and generosity to his teammates- he’d be the first (and loudest) to cheer for you, he’d share his food with anyone who mentioned they were hungry, and he was happiest when those he cared about were happy and achieving what they sought out for.

He was a man of dedication to the sport, often putting in 20 hours a week in the gym, driving hours to find a training place in the middle of vacation (camping in a national park!), and constantly wrestled with NYC traffic from Flushing to Crown Heights 3x a week just to train with his coach and training partners, when he could easily train at the local globo-gym blocks from his home.

All in all, Angus lived his life to the fullest, spending as much time as he possibly could doing what he loved, whether it was powerlifting, riding his motorcycle (and teaching several others how to ride!), or spending time with his beloved family and friends.

His best numbers (in competition) were a 210kg squat, 152.5kg bench, and a 227.5kg deadlift, with a Wilks score of 426. He was coached by Sean Collins and exceptionally represented Murder of Crows, on and off the platform. We hope we can all strive to be as happy, generous, and kind as Angus always was, and may he rest in peace.

-Sean Collins


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