March 2019Featured Lifter

USA Powerlifting-NY would like to spotlight some of the stand-outs in the state. We will feature a new lifter each month, and ask them some random questions to get some insight into what makes them tick…..

This month’s featured lifter is DAVID WOO.

A little about David Woo

Hey, my name is Dave I am 32 years old, 1st generation Korean American, and raised in South New Jersey. FLY EAGLES FLY! I’m a Law Enforcement Officer and have lived throughout the U.S., including Houston, TX, Washington D.C., and Virginia.

Training Center: Squats & Science Barbell

Question and Answer time!!

USA Powerlifting – NY: What got you interested in Powerlifting?

David Woo: I played five sports in high school and Division III college football so I’ve always been in the gym strength training. It’s always been a part of my lifestyle and over time the love for lifting weights steered me towards powerlifting. Then I joined Squats & Science in Brooklyn, NY and I’ve never looked back. I love the grit and grind that powerlifting entails and especially enjoy the process of growing stronger.

USA Powerlifting – NY: When and where was your first meet?

DW: My first meet was in March 2017 at the Bent Bar Powerlifting USAPL Spring Forward Championships and won the Best Male Lifter award.

USA Powerlifting – NY: What things have you learned since your first meet?

DW: The things I learned are endless, but two things that stand out are the impact of effective programming and the importance of sound technique. Periodization and perfecting your form is essential to growth in this sport. It’s not always about lifting the heaviest amount of weight every day.

USA Powerlifting – NY: What does the future hold for you in regards to powerlifting (PR’s higher total, weight loss, etc.)?

DW: I hope to set an American squat record in the near future and podium at this years USAPL Nationals. I am also in the process of opening my own powerlifting gym in Queens, NY to help grow the sport which has had such a positive impact in my life.

USA Powerlifting – NY: What is your favorite of the “Big 3” and why?

DW: Squat is my favorite lift. My 705LBS squat this past USAPL Nationals was the third heaviest squat in the 105KG class all-time. Pop, lock and drop it.

USA Powerlifting – NY: What is your least favorite of the “Big 3” and why?

DW: Bench is my least favorite. I feel bench is the most technical of the three lifts and my previous shoulder injuries from football hasn’t helped. It’s coming around though!

USA Powerlifting – NY: Do you follow a specific training program? If so, is it a custom program for you or a template style program like 5/3/1 or the Texas Method?

DW: When I first started powerlifting I started with 5/3/1 and the Ed Coan deadlift program, which are both great for beginners. Now, I program for myself with insight from the Squats & Science coaches, Jordan and Joe. Over the years, I’ve learned what works best for me.

USA Powerlifting – NY: Do you lift as part of a team or a group? Who are they and how did you become part of that group?

DW: No, I don’t lift as part of a team, but Squats & Science is my second home.

USA Powerlifting – NY: What advice would you give a newbie powerlifter?

FL: My advice to a newbie is to seek advice from seasoned powerlifters, find a program that works best for your schedule, and stick with it! I often see powerlifters start with a full head of steam only to die out soon after. Stay consistent in the gym and the gains will follow. Oh, and of course have fun!

USA Powerlifting – NY: Tell us something about you that those in the powerlifting world wouldn’t know about you (guilty pleasure, vice, anything at all)?

DW: Something very few people know about me is that I broke my right femur in half in a bad car accident when I was 17 years old. I was a passenger and my car was hit by a Greyhound bus on the highway. I’m really lucky to be alive. Now, I have a titanium rod down the middle of my right femur. And no, this doesn’t make me stronger. Trust me…

Bonus Question

USA Powerlifting – NY: Who is your favorite powerlifting athlete and why?

DW: My favorite powerlifting/strongman athlete has to be Thor. Looking forward to watching him at the Arnold!

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