July 2018 Featured Lifter

USA Powerlifting-NY would like to spotlight some of the stand-outs in the state. We will feature a new lifter each month, and ask them some random questions to get some insight into what makes them tick…..

This month’s featured lifter is RICHARD WILCOX.

I have been competing in powerlifting for a very very long time , I started doing national meets around 2010 ! My best meets have been, 2009 Battle on the Boarder Best Make Lifter, 2011 and 2012 silver medalist in the open division 120kg class at the Arnold I won 4 USA Powerlifting Masters division first place finishes. 2018 IPF Classic Worlds M2 120 kg gold medal Best lifts Squat-272.5kg-60lbs Bench-215kg-474lbs Deadlift -302.5kg-667lbs

A little about Richard Wilcox

Training Center:

I trained for worlds at a World Gym in Pawling New York and also ABC Fitness in Latham New York

Question and Answer time!!

USA Powerlifting – NY: What got you interested in Powerlifting?

Richard Wilcox: Lifting weights has always been a passion of mine since I was a junior in high school , I then started to compete locally where I saw this giant man lift incredible weight , that would be my lifetime friend and trainer for 2018 IPF Worlds , Sean Culnan. I saw Sean bench press an incredible 550 , squat and deadlift over 800, I was hooked.

USA Powerlifting – NY: When and where was your first meet?

RC: My very first meet I wanna say 1994 was a full meet in Stamford Connecticut, in the ADFPA which would later become the current USA Powerlifting.

USA Powerlifting – NY: What things have you learned since your first meet?

RC: I learned from the best minds in powerlifting , how to lift , attempt selection , how to peak for big meets , I learned that the powerlifting community is among the most giving and caring group. As I got older, I learned you don’t have to train heavy day in and out to make great gains, and I also learned that the better you get, the more you can share with newer lifters.

USA Powerlifting – NY: What does the future hold for you in regards to powerlifting (PR’s higher total, weight loss, etc.)?

RC: After winning my class at 2018 IPF Worlds , I have decided to sit out a year lose some weight and go a lower weight class and make another run at a world title ! While I’m sitting out I plan on passing along what I have learned to others!

USA Powerlifting – NY: What is your favorite of the “Big 3” and why?

RC: Right now my favorite is the deadlift , why ? It’s the lift that won my biggest meet ! It also has been the most consistent thru the years , they say the meet starts once the bar hits the floor and for me this is true!

USA Powerlifting – NY: What is your least favorite of the “Big 3” and why?

RC: My least favorite is the squat , I have never been a huge squatter, but this is improving, However, for me to win, my bench and deadlift must to be dead on

USA Powerlifting – NY: Do you follow a specific training program? If so, is it a custom program for you or a template style program like 5/3/1 or the Texas Method?

RC: My current coach Sara Fleming out of North Carolina writes my program and I follow it to the letter , she’s a great coach and wrote my program for worlds.

USA Powerlifting – NY: Do you lift as part of a team or a group? Who are they and how did you become part of that group?

RC: When I moved from North Carolina to New York the first person I called was Sean Culnan , I had to have the best , and he had agreed to train me . We trained at ABC , together with a big group of dedicated lifters , Emelia , Chris , Jan , Maddie , Kamil , and everyone else who worked as one great team ! I am really grateful to all of them ! Out of world Gym i has Mike , Jay , Amanda and Joe helping me. I can’t thank them enough !!! And my coach Sara she had to deal with me for 4 months!

USA Powerlifting – NY: What advice would you give a newbie powerlifter?

RC: Learn to lift , go to a meet and learn to lift in a competition , learn the rules and hit up more experienced competition lifters , get involved by volunteering to spot and load , this will pay off far more than you know!

USA Powerlifting – NY: Tell us something about you that those in the powerlifting world wouldn’t know about you (guilty pleasure, vice, anything at all)?

RC: I have a son Dylan , I like to eat a lot , maybe that’s not a big secret.

Bonus Question

USA Powerlifting – NY: Who is your favorite powerlifting athlete and why?

RC: I’ve had the good fortune to be in this game a very long time , so many lifters could be mentioned here , most of my lifting and competing was in North Carolina so I have to mention Jennifer Thompson and Donovan Thompson, they showed me how to powerlift and powerlift for meets ! I also have to mention Sean Culnan , who I call the King of New York. I saw Sean lift in the early years and he was a major reason why I won gold , I can’t thank these people enough!!

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