April 2017 Featured Lifter

USAPL-NY would like to spotlight some of the stand-outs in the state. We will feature a new lifter each month, and ask them some random questions to get some insight into what makes them tick…..

This month’s featured lifter is MATT ENDRES.

Matthew J. Endres born 08/01/1959  living in South Setauket, Long Island NY. with my wife Laura and 7 children. I am number 6 of 6 sons. 4 of my older brothers lifted, but my oldest brother was something special. He was 17 years older than me so, he was really just a giant visitor! He was a career Marine officer, but what I didn’t know, was he was on the Marine Corps powerlifting team, When I joined the Marines, I found out through high ranking people (also gym rats) that my brother was not only the 181lb Marine Corps champion, but the All Service Champion in the early 70s. When I got to Okinawa Japan in 1977 I was ordered to be on the powerlifting team!!!!  I was hooked! I won my first meet, the Marine Corps Okinawa 132lb weight class!! After getting back to the states, I just did local meets and a lot of bench only stuff. Joined the police department in 1985, where I started competing in the Police and Fire Olympics. I participated in about 6 Olympics in the 1980s and 1990s, at 181lbs  for power lifting, Arm wrestling, and bench only. I’ve placed in every competition that I entered. Only to be beaten consistently by the Gibson twins! It was difficult training as a street cop doing shift work, but you must find the time whether you’re working midnights or day tours. I became a firearms and tactics instructor, which gave me more time to train. Eventually, ending up on the SWAT team, where working out was a daily requirement! (perfect). Thankfully, I became aware of a USAPL meet in Hicksville NY in 2015, so, after many many years (19) of not competing, I signed up and competed, totally unprepared. Jim Kipp was fantastic. He welcomed me back to competition like a long lost friend. I totaled 1187lbs as a Masters 2B at 105kg and now, I’m hooked again. I went upstate to the Northeast Iron Beast in Jan 2016 with my, then 15 yr old son Joe. We both left with state records! I got my total to 1265lbs went 9 for 9 and had more in the tank. I think my 325lb bench still stands! I competed, injured at the Westchester meet, was again in the 1180s. Right after that meet, I had shoulder surgery in June. While rehabbing and feeling good, I was slingshotting 315 for easy reps and snapped my

I competed, injured at the Westchester meet, was again in the 1180s. Right after that meet, I had shoulder surgery in June. While rehabbing and feeling good, I was slingshotting 315 for easy reps and snapped my tricep. It needed immediate surgery to re-attach (very bad bench injury) and have been rehabbing ever since.

I’m completely motivated to hit the 1300s in my next meet. My DL is in the low 500s and growing. My squat is in the mid 400s, also growing. Sadly, my bench is creeping back to mid 300s (270 with much fear)

A little about Matt Endres

Home City: South Setauket, Long Island NY

Question and Answer time!!

USAPL-NY: What got you interested in Powerlifting?

Matt Endres: As stated in bio, my oldest brother was my hero. After finding out he was the All Military and Marine Corps 181 lb champion, I was hooked.

USAPL-NY: Where was your first meet?

ME: 1977 Okinawa Japan at 132 lbs 1st place

USAPL-NY: What have you learned since that first meet?

ME: How to train properly, be patient and humble.

USAPL-NY: What goals do you have for the future?

ME: I would like to continue to compete and challenge my capabilities, and train with my sons and watch them compete as well.

USAPL-NY: What is your favorite lift and why?

ME: It the bench! I could always bench double bodyweight from my early 20s to my early 40s, but I’ve had 5 surgeries ( both shoulders, right bicep, and left tricep twice)  so, i think i like Deadlifting now! hahaha

USAPL-NYWhat is your least favorite lift and why?

ME: Squats. I swear I’m going deep enough!!! Hahaha, train deep boys and girls!

USAPL-NYDo you follow a specific training program? And if you do what is it? 

ME: No, I use the old antiquated pyramid! I adjust my weights and reps as I see fit! I do light days and heavy days. it has brought me success, but my son is begging me to go on a program!

USAPL-NY: Do you lift as part of a team? Who are they and how did you become part of that group?

ME: I do not, just a great group of lifters who support one another.

USAPL-NY: What advice would you give any new lifter young or old?

ME: First off, I would welcome them to the greatest sport! Also, be patient, always challenge yourself, the results will come. The competition is ALWAYS between yourself and the weights, not others. Don’t quit!

USAPL-NY: Tell us something about you that others in the PL world don’t know about you?

ME: I’m a sniper and a VP of a motorcycle club!

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